Learn to Read, Understand, and Create Music

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Guidance and Support

Encouraging, supportive and extremely patient assisting students in understanding music, learning efficient practice methods, and forming solid foundations for piano playing.

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Private Piano Lessons

Fun and engaging lessons for all ages teaching beginner to intermediate levels. Students learn to read music, sight-read, and understand music theory through personal tutoring and games.

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Individualised Lessons

Each lesson is tailored to individual needs, goals, musical tastes and learning styles. Students explore musical structure, composition, and music history.



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Meet your friendly piano teacher

Erika Dietrich

I’ve been playing piano for over 40 years. I bring to each lesson a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from teaching over 20 years. I’ve been in Australia 10 years but prior to that lived in Minnesota, USA where I homeschooled my children.

I love all kinds of music, but my first love is classical. I’ve always been involved with music starting with singing as a child in church to playing organ and piano for worship services, funerals, weddings and other special occasions. I even paid my rent by accompanying a church choir and playing for services whilst I studied music at University of Jamestown, ND. I was a member of the University choir and travelled throughout the US giving concerts as well as a European tour.

More about my musical background...

I worked as an accompanist and cantor for 10 years for a large parish in Minnesota and I first started teaching when I started my family and was looking for a little outlet for myself. Music is the best therapy! I had no idea I would love it so much! I love to accompany choirs or soloists and particularly love playing piano duets with my students!

My favourite thing about teaching piano is hearing the progress week after week. I absolutely love watching a student tackle a piece they initially thought was too difficult. We work at it week to week addressing all the challenges and whittling away at what sometimes seems impossible. With time and perseverance, the day always arrives when they can play it beautifully. Not only does it sound wonderful, but they have also learned so many life lessons in the process such as determination, discipline, and at last achievement and accomplishment. It is so satisfying to see students’ growth both musically and personally! I love playing my part in their musical journeys.

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30-minute lessons are available throughout the year on a weekly basis

Individualised lessons

Includes progressing through levels of lesson books and performance in annual recitals

Students become fluent music readers

Teaching proper piano technique, and learn music theory

AMEB exam preparation available.

Note: Note reading and musical concepts are often reinforced by playing games.


30-minute lessons available throughout the year on a weekly basis

Singers learn proper breathing techniques

Teaching musical phrasing

You'll learn to increase your range and improve intonation

I believe everyone can sing

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"I can very highly recommend Erika as a music teacher. She has taught my daughter piano over the last 5 years, from the age of 11 to her current age of 15. Lucy finds Erika a calm and encouraging teacher. Lucy was very nervous about sitting her piano exams, but Erika prepared her beautifully, and she passed with a Credit. Erika maintains professional communication and is very flexible and personable. We hope Lucy can continue with her for many years to come. "

M. Abbott

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"Erika has been a brilliant piano teacher for my daughters for the last 7 years. Both of my daughters now aged 12 and 9 have been learning piano since they were 5 years old. They have always enjoyed their lessons with Erika. This shows Erika's expertise and passion in teaching piano. Erika has also diligently prepared my daughters to perform outstanding piano pieces for their piano solo performances in Catholic Performing Arts Festival and for their Australian Music Examination Board. We highly recommend Erika for anyone that wants to excel in piano."

S. and J. Yasay

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"I certainly would recommend Erika as a professional and skilled teacher to any parent that wants to have their child progress from the level of basic to advanced piano. We have always seen Erika with a great initiative and a positive attitude towards instructing our daughters."

E. Clark

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